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Located right by the ocean in Dana Point, Salt Creek Grille is my new favorite, allergy-friendly date night spot. Now, let me paint a picture of a beautiful evening at the Salt Creek Grille:

You may enjoy the complimentary valet parking, step out of the car, and breathe in that heavenly salt-water air. As you walk into the restaurant, you find a wide range of diners, from older O.C. couples out for a drink, to families gathered for a birthday, to a newlywed couple out for a lovely date night. You might even spot a Housewife of Orange County there – we met one of the Real Housewives from the Bravo TV show at our rehearsal dinner there at the restaurant! You may enjoy dinner inside, a drink in the bar, or on a cool evening, you may enjoy a drink by the fire pit on the deck in a comfortable lounge chair.

My husband and I enjoy the atmosphere and people watching almost as much as we enjoy the food. I have had different dinner entrees there, but my favorite has to be their classic burger. The burger is made of mesquite-grilled fresh-ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, pickles, all on top of a delicious King’s Hawaiian sweet bun. The sweet bun is the perfect compliment to the salty meat and pickles. The burger also comes with asiago garlic fries, which I just order without cheese, and they are still amazing! My husband’s favorite dinner at Salt Creek Grille is their stuffed “blues” burger, which is gorgonzola-stuffed, fresh-ground chuck, arugula, fried onions, blue cheese aioli,  all served on top of a King’s Hawaiian sweet bun. Now if I could have dairy – that would be my burger too.

We have been able to enjoy our rehearsal dinner, as well as multiple date nights at the Salt Creek Grille, and each time we have been reassured that there are absolutely no peanuts in the kitchen, and that I am safe to eat there. The service is always great, and well-informed of the severity of my allergies. I highly recommend Salt Creek Grille for your next celebration or occasion to enjoy some delicious food!

Caitlin has grown up in Los Angeles acquiring food allergies, a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development, a loving husband, and an amazing job as a Children's Librarian. She enjoys spending time with family, trips to the beach with her husband, Sundays at church, and writing. Having food allergies is a struggle, but Caitlin hopes with more resources available, people can learn to thrive with food allergies.

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  1. Hi Caity,
    Enjoyed your write up a lot about Salt Creek Grille. Nice to have your review and hoping sometime to try it out!!
    Love you!

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